Can you feel the hurt on twitter?

Celtic and The Rangers fas rarely feel the same after a game of football but both are upset currently on social media, for Celtic it is the poor quality of Celtic TV and for Sevco it is the alleged poor quality of the refereeing.

For mine, I believe it was a penalty, there was contact which resulted in Callum falling over, anyone who has ever played the game knows you are always told never to run through a player in the box to get the ball.

It was clumsy and warranted the spot kick.

But now we are listening to a conspiracy to help Celtic, that “Willie Collum” and “help Celtic” can be put in the same sentence is frankly disturbing.

We have been on the end of some shocking calls in the past, I don’t actually believe things are evening out, we are merely getting some correct calls.

Judge for yourself.

On the second front Celtic TV is being lambasted for its poor quality, like many I have a subscription and have been far from happy with the standard.

I am not sure if I am the only person who has to periodically click between Primary and Back up player throughout a game to get a decent view, but tonight’s blackout was somewhat worse.

For the record, I love Celtic TV, I enjoy the interviews, the pre-match music the heavily biased commentary and Paul Cudihy screaming like a girl when we score, but the broadcasting standard is brutal.

We are building a new hotel, superstore and museum which is fantastic, apparently, 18 million pounds is to be spent on this project, but before we spend on something new we should look at upgrading our broadcasting quality.

Media is a massive asset when it is working, it is also a massive liability when people spend on a service and are not happy with the product.

Hopefully, the club will invest in its Celtic TV package, Celtic can’t sell more season tickets after all, but they can sell an infinite amount of subscriptions domestically and internationally.

It is an area the club can grow and exponentially if it gets the service right.

Celtic TV had a bad night tonight, the Hoops were not much better themselves, but for once the refereeing was consistent with the rules.

And that is just too much for some Peepul to bare.



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