Daily Star reports Gerrard deal done for Sevco

The MSM is usually full of more pish than the ocean is water, yet tonight we have an article claiming that terms have been met for Steven Gerrard to move to the Newco.

If this moonbeam is true then it will be the ultimate squirrel, a release just after the 6-year-olds were gubbed, their manager sacked and most importantly their Chairman before the courts on contempt.

The rumour is that he will announce this tonight during the Champions league coverage which he is commentating upon.

The most interesting part of the article was this:

Starsport understands Gerrard decided to take the plunge with the Scottish giants after being promised ‘significant funds’ to spend on new signings.

I hope it is true, the sooner they break the nonexistent bank to buy another batch of Pena’s and Dalcio’s the better.

Tonight will be interesting viewing.



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