#Pray for Warbo

A few weeks ago Warbo told us that the Newco would be sitting second after their next two games, two games on and Sevco are third and a point off 5th.

They don’t look like improving either.

Niko Kranjcar is today reported to be out for 8 and not 6 months.

He may come back just in time for the post split fixtures, if he will be playing in the top 6 is debatable.

The next month is going to be one that will test the Newco in a new way.

There is a real possibility that Sevco could take 3 successive gubbings in 11 days.


Top 6? Only because there are no challengers.

A cursory look at the table will show you that Sevco have a decent break to 6th spot.

That 5 point cushion on Caley and Kilmarnock will evaporate however if they are good enough to profit from Sevco’s impending misery.

I am at a loss as to what i want to happen in these games.

On one hand i want the Newco comprehensively dispatched, on the other hand, the last thing we need is Warbo to do walking away before Hogmanay.

I hope he stays on so we can finish him off in front of those who once loved him.

The Magic Hat will likely not survive the winter break unless his rabble of Bosmans defeat Celtic at Ibrox.

I wouldn’t bet on big Moussa leaving the field without first having celebrated a goal against the deluded as is his penchant.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see if Sevco spend money in the January transfer window on buying out Warbo’s 3 year deal or of they give him more money to buy another batch of Clint Hills and Joe Garners.

Either way it will be comedy central, i sorely hope that the wails from Mordor hasten more spending in the Winter.

A European place will be within their reach but by no means certain, it may be tempting enough for them to waste on acquisitions.

Essentially, if Sevco buy new players in January it will be in an effort to come second.

Also, if they do buy players it will be with Warbo in control of them.

With his same one dimensional philosophy that has been found only to work against amateurs.

The dream scenario is he spends the rest of the season ticket money in January on more mince and keeps his job til they die or hobble to the summer.

What no one is speaking about is that Sevco were in debt before the season began.

They paid off a £2.5 million going concern with season ticket money that should be for this season.

They then went out shambolically into the transfer market, hemorrhaging millions in foolish deals to players no one else wanted.

Flops like Barton, Hill, Senderos and Kranjcar as well as spending £1.8 million on flop Joe Garner.

This is money that you would think would be used to keep them afloat until they can milk the deluded for another tranche.

I see several Winter options for Sevco:

  • Spend money they don’t have on players. – Likely
  • Spend money on buying out Warbo’s contract – Likely
  • Let Joey do walking away on a free and then become the doormat for his twitter feed – Highly likely

We have long predicted the demise of the Newco, but  now we get to see them too poor to hire or fire.

The best they can do is to continue this footballing coma til the summer and then restructure.




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