“When he takes the ball he’s normally receiving it to go forward.

“He’s a big, big talent and is so cool and calm he could play in a Tuxedo because he just moves so well. He’s fantastic.

“The game that stands out for me in Europe is Manchester City away. His ability to take the ball, his quality and he was in rhythm at that point.

“Tom’s got great tools that can help us as a team and he’s that creative player you need at the level that can make the difference for us.

“You talk to other managers after games and they normally highlight Tom.

“The players themselves and other players know the problems he causes.

“He’s very elusive and has an in-built brain for football. You just need to put him into a structure and a framework to get the ball and into areas where he can hurt teams.

With all eyes on tonight’s crucial match, Tom has the opportunity to announce himself to world football as a class above, he is already a proven match winner domestically and for the Socceroos, should he help defeat the Bundesliga giants we will be very happy indeed that we have the likable Rogic on a 5 year deal.

He is only getting better with every game he plays.