10 reasons never to say Oldfirm again

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The press continue to use the term Oldfirm, The Glasgow Derby should be used for the following reasons:

  1. Rangers died and with it the rivalry. You cant sell history, nor can you transfer it.
  2. The term allegedly came from “2 old firm friends” which itself completely misunderstands the relationship between us and Them. Regardless, one of the friends is no longer with us, the new tennant is called Sevco.
  3. No guilt by association, After the events in Manchester whereby the Oldco’s fans explained to the world why they are called Huns, not due to sectarianism but to explain their oafish demeanour, Celtic fans called for the term to cease. This predates the death of the Oldco by over 4 years.
  4. If a label is rejected it therefor becomes an insult, for example if i call my friends Tims, Bhoys n Ghirls, Mick’s or Paddy’s none would complain. If i talked about my Fenian friends, some would reject the label. Some would smile, but as the label isn’t homogeneously accepted and causes offence to some i do not use it. Since Celtic fans see this label as toxic and representative of a past era, it is both an insult to Celtic fans and our collective intelligence.
  5. Media hypocrisy of the highest order by the SMSM who will demand that both sets of fans focus on the football whilst using an emotive term to stir up fans along religious, political and social lines. They complain about the behaviour of Oldfirm fans which immediately takes the above labels and tars everyone with the same brush.
  6. Marketing the term to sell may be popular with newspapers but it is however a negative for Celtic FC plc, why should the company that runs our club have to explain to sponsors that it has nothing to do with them? What is good for the Daily Record is not good for our publicly listed interests.
  7. Speaking of a dead team as if they are alive leads to delusional fantasies about going for 55 upon your first attempt. It is time to speak of games played between Celtic and the respective teams from Govan in separate categories. Not to morph it together and hope no one notices.
  8. 276 creditors were shafted by the Oldco, the ultimate price was paid when Rangers (IL) were liquidated after amassing debts of over £100 million. To use the term is to allow the Ibrox team to escape sanction, whilst the creditors sit and wonder how the bundle of assets went for £5.5 million only to be valued at £80 million by Charles Green weeks later. More on that in the court of session with Duff and Phelps is due shortly.
  9. Oldco Rangers cheated not just the system but the tax man. Celtic and everyone else in Scottish Football has not. By applying the label Oldfirm, we are having our lot thrown in with those currently before the Supreme Court in London for a scam totaling more than £48 million. This is again, a slur on our club, our fans and a hindrance to the plc.
  10. It takes 2 to tango, if one side says i am not dancing then the other can go and find another partner or they can dance by themselves. Think of the Oldfirm as a divorce case. In 2008 we got sick and tired of the old bag and filed papers, she wouldn’t sign them for 4 years and howled and screamed. Then she died, so we became widowers. In her will where she shafted everyone, she gave her house and a bundle of other things to someone could Sevco. Sevco changed her name and pretends to be married to us. We keep telling everyone that its quite sad really. They all know, they all remember Rangers, no one misses the bitch.

The Oldfirm is dead, we wanted it killed before it died, but it took care of itself anyway. To continue to use it against the wishes of Celtic fans is an insult.

In the US people are not called “Black or Negroes” although neither is a swear word, both terms hold negative semantics for this community so the accepted term is “African American”.

In Latin America calling someone a Negro or Negra depending on gender is seen as descriptive, as is Blanco, Blanca, Mestizo, Mestiza.

If the label bares no pain it can be used, if it causes offence it should be discontinued.

As should be done with the Oldfirm, the semantics are not of Catholicism, Protestantism, Unionism, Nationalism, Left or Right Wing, Progressive or Conservative, they are of an era of cheating and theft by a club that will forever be remembered as Scotland’s Shame.

No guilt by association, never use the term Oldfirm or suffer hearing it, boycott all publications that use it too.