#103, back to back trebles and “World Records”

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The League Cup has always been the Achilles heel of Celtic, we have won the trophy 16 times but have also lost it on 15 occasions.

The Oldco won 27 whilst it existed and these extra titles are much of the difference between their 115 titles to our 102.

The 115 trophies that the now-defunct club amassed are in our sights, Graeme Murty has a better long-term outlook than their precious World record.

I don’t believe any of us will be spouting on about being the Worlds most successful club¬†or adding 4 extra stars to our badge when we win our 50th League title at the end of next season.

It is not our way to claim fanciful nonsense.

Celtic have the opportunity to break a record everytime they go and play, the British record falls every 90 minutes now and should we be victorious today it opens up an intriguing possibility, back to back trebles.

At the risk of sounding like an Oldco player, the title is in the bag, the rest will not catch us in the league, we will be far too good over 38 games for Aberdeen and Hibernian let alone those below.

That then leaves the Scottish Cup standing between Celtic and 6 straight trophies in the Rodgers era.

Should we win today then this fact will become omnipresent for the remainder of the season, Celtic hunting another treble and all the land trying to figure out how to stop it.

This era we are currently enjoying is something I am truly grateful for, something I am happy to be alive to see, possibly because I never thought I would ever see it.

Back to back trebles, undefeated seasons, century-long Celtic, Scottish and British records overtaken, a win today will not be quickly forgotten.

As we march on to the Oldco’s records, our 103rd trophy is on offer today for the club, for the players, folklore awaits those who would win back to back trebles.

The future is ours.

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