11 days til Cold-Shouldered Sevco, can we legally play Pariah FC?

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With King losing his appeal as everyone except the deluded expected, the ramifications are yet to be spelled out by the Fanzines, however, they have been laid bare by the Bampots, Sevco is a pariah who cannot be traded with.

Playing a game of football doesn’t look like trading, in matter of fact, it is the primary economic activity of a football club.

When Celtic fans take over the dilapidated Broomloan on the eleventh the receipts earned by Pariah FC are very much an economic as well as a sporting activity.

We will be accepting that The Rangers International Football Club (TRIFC) is a business that we can trade with, in reality, the cold-shoulder order is one which explicitly forbids law-abiding businesses from putting one brass razoo into a business which doesn’t comply with the take over boards ruling.

That is to say, King must come up with the coin very quickly, or Close brothers might just get themselves a pie stall.

Celtic FC plc is an amazing business, one which is on course for a record profit and is itself chasing records not dreamt of in half a century, we cannot expect our sponsors who are all blue chip companies to have their names attached to a company forbidden to trade.

Tonight we are all cranky that the weather has robbed us of Football, when we next are due to play will we be legally allowed to take the field without legal and financial repercussions to our club?

Surely they must pay up or be banned from trading within the Scottish structure, no other business would be allowed to trade whilst ignoring legal facts.

This club is contemptuous of FIFA fair play rules, of debt repayment and of history itself, are we to also suffer it being in contempt of court?

More to the point, are we going to ignore it to our potential detriment any further?

Time for the King to pay up or for his Kingdom to be divided, better Them than us.