115* plays 105, Celts head for deluded “World Record” unabated

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Next year I believe Celtic will win our 50th League title and earn the right to put 5 deluded stars on our top, I can’t wait until we show those who honour themselves that 1 star means more than 5.

When Rodgers took up the project at Paradise we were on 99 trophies in our continuous history, he has since added the last 6 with a minimum of fuss whilst playing some beautiful Football it must be said.

As we head into a season chasing the unimaginable treble treble, it is worth looking at the basis for a certain demographics endless superiority, its alleged World Record.

Rodgers is chewing into the Oldco’s records like a mouse into cheese, if he were to go undefeated for his remaining 3 years we would be just 1 trophy short of their overall haul.

Now maybe that is wishful thinking, but over 38 games and with our financial superiority, you would expect us to pick up the Premiership in these years and it would be disappointing not to win at least 1 cup per year.

If we can manage just that over the next 3 years it would take us to 111 just 4 shy of the dead team’s mark.

The Oldco does hold the World Record for trebles, it has 7 with 2 clubs on 6 and 4 clubs including Celtic and Lindfield on 5.

Another treble for Rodgers next year and we will be breathing down their neck on this too, their stagnation is allowing us to mow down their achievements without serious contest.

Should the Newco actually win a major honour, then that will go in another column as far as anyone who isn’t hard of thinking will be concerned.

As it stands Celtic have won:

49 League titles 38 Scottish Cups and 17 League Cups and the 1967 European Cup

The Oldco won in its 139 years:

54 League titles 33 Scottish Cups and 27 League Cups and the 1972 Cup Winners Cup

In individual matches, there have been 413 played, 159 to Them, 155 to Celtic with 99 drawn.

We are just 4 wins from evening the historical ledger played between both Ibrox teams vs Celtic.

It will take us at least 5 years to run down their League titles, by that time you would think we would have picked up 6 cups out of 10 and have a World Record of our own to sing about.

Or maybe it will just shut them up, we have Lions to sing about after all.