19.7 million reasons you don’t do sell your best on deadline day

Well, that was woeful, a game of dominance which we will again get nothing for, not a point, nothing.

In truth Kilmarnock deserved the win, they frustrated us in midfield and sat back knowing that our pattern of passing forwards then straight back then sideways followed by forward then straight back is easy enough to defend against with 2 banks of defenders and a harassing striker.

Moussa didn’t score a lot of goals last year, but his ability to hold up the ball and pass it backward or sideways from inside the box to another attacker made him a genuine target man.

We have no strength in the box to do the same and teams have worked out for all our pace on the flanks that we have no answer to the congestion which is going to become mandatory when playing Celtic for opposing teams.

I have never seen a team worth so much play against a team worth so little with so few answers in the attacking third.

We are in desperate need of another striker to hold the ball up or to power through, Griffiths played admirably today but has no one to link with.

When Edouard came on he did little to nothing, we have a record signing who no one is expecting to score.

Let that set in.

Craig Gordon had presided over 5 clean sheets where he scarcely¬†needed to make a save, today there were 2 goal bound balls which he didn’t get a hand on, surely it is time to give Bain a chance between the posts.

This is going to be a long period between now and January, we have a lot of fixtures and teams will smell blood in the water when playing the champions.

We are short the dynamic play of Armstrong in and around the box and Dembele inside the box as both a goal scorer and provider.

There can be no excuses about the pitch, save for a goalmouth scramble which resulted in Griffiths goal, we barely had sniff inside their 18 yards and it was usually snuffed out or we shot wide.

With McGinn blasting home from range yesterday, we have seen our failures in the last window coming back to haunt us, in his case at the start of the window, but with Dembele’s, criminally so close to the end as to give Brendan no chance to replace him.




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