Celtic have had a sluggish start to the transfer window but that is changing rapidly with Celtic set to sign Vasilios Barkas and Albian Ajeti today.

The former is desperately needed, we lost 2 goalkeepers and the club simply had to go into the market, buying a international goalkeeper with lots of European Football in his gloves is a signal of intent from Celtic.

He will also stick to our transfer policy of buying aspiring talent which has a significant chance of becoming a sale able asset.

With Ajeti, he played with Elyounoussi at Basel and like the Norwegian comes to us on a portion of his wages only but with an option to buy at the end of the year.

Meanwhile the Veolia Cup champions are quite literally taking farce to a whole new level, first granting a player the chance to speak to a club, having wages settled and then ambushing Lille asking for ridiculous amounts of money.

Lille are flush with cash at the moment and Rangers are skint, the company in distress however thinks it has leverage in negotiations which it clearly doesn’t.

Thursday is payday at Ibrox and 3 months deffered wages are also on the table, i assume The Peepul will have that from their season ticket renewals which were reported over 32,000.

The operating shortfall in their accounts and decimation of ticket money for Europa League qualifiers and possibly group stages is another matter.

They need to sell Morelos, maybe Barisic too, the players they have are clearly not good enough and unwanted by other Leagues.

Rangers policy of paying a pittance up front for Ryan Jack is also due to bite them hard as Liverpool come knocking just as the stands are empty and Castore are pulling down listings of merchandise as they can’t fill the orders.

As we spend and they sell, the 10 is coming into view, with the emergence of Soro and Connell yesterday along with rejuvenated Griffiths playing well and Klimala scoring twice, we couldn’t be in better shape to win the 10.