25 million isn’t a hands-off anymore, resign Calmac and Ajer with 50 million buyout

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Celtic has been a selling club for a long time now but if the Kieran Tierney transfer has taught us anything, it is that buyout clauses written into contracts 2 years ago are chicken feed today in the English market.

Arsenal played the poverty card and then spent 72 million a week later before begrudgingly meeting our valuation, something they could have done at a stroke of a pen in their first bid.

The reason the price was 25 million wasn’t because that was what the club valued him at, it would be because that would have activated the release clause in his contract.

A few years ago he signed on for 6 seasons and 25 million was pie in the sky money, today it is spare change to the EPL, again, it is about a third of the 72 million they spent the week before.

With Rodgers circling Calmac, we should upgrade his deal and add extra years to his stay and put a 50 million pound buyout within it, again nothing compared to what they spend down there.

The same goes for Ajer, no sooner has he bossed the opening month of the season in Europe and at home, no less in our Achilles heel of Right Back that the press are trying to sell him, comparisons of Van Dijk have been made and with that being the case Celtic deserve full value.

We sold Virgil for 14 million and picked up close to another 10 with the sell on clause, but he went for a massive 75 million to Liverpool.

It is time that Celtic demanded respect in the transfer market, we are hearing from the same sources that Celtic digging our heels in over KT was unreasonable now saying Arsenal have picked up a bargain.

So which one is it?

Our players are overpriced until they are sold and then they are bought at a snip, especially when you think of the resale value they attract down the line.

This season when looking at our team, I believe Christie, Forrest, Calmac, Bain, Ajer and Edouard to be of a standard that would easily find their feet in England or on the continent.

As we play some beautiful football, it will not go unnoticed and we will be fielding offers for them in January, something the club must make clear means that a single sale could rebuild the main stand.

If it is for anything less then tell them to jog on and point at the fine print that itself lost us our Left Back.

If the deluded can claim Alfredo is worth 20-30 million, what price our stars?

You know, the players who are consistent, disciplined and win trophies.

Time to put some of the Tierney money back into the dressing room, higher wages, longer-term deals and massive buyout clauses, 25 million scares no one off these days.