Hampden In The Rain (And Getting Ready To Go Again)

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Waking up on Sunday, as usual, as usual, I had that confident feeling that we would beat Ross County with a bit to spare and be a shoo-in to play Hibs in the League Cup final.

What a miserable afternoon it turned out to be.

Heading to the game after being in a pub full of Ross County fans, then sitting in the Celtic end in the peeing rain at Hampden you actually noticed their were probably as much, if not more, Police at the game then the actual County fans (who I think were all in the pub I was in).

The typical response you would expect after the outcry on Facial Recognition Software midweek from the powers that be in Scotland, with nothing, as usual, said from Celtic.

In a clapped out Stadium that actually passes for your National one, as Krys highlighted in his blog last week, the mob in charge couldn’t run anything and it’s reflected in that monument to Jim Farry. (A Celtic owner who actually had a pair and stood up to these suits managed to get rid of him two decades ago)

As Jason said on Homebhoys last night what’s the point? You go as a football fan in Scotland, who are treated as a second class citizen and especially as a Celtic fan, you get intimidated to watch a game in the rain at a half filled stadium while your watching dross.

It’s hard to argue with it.

Anyway onto the game, as soon as I heard Boyata was playing I feared the worst, Hampdens not made for players whose bottles crash as much as his.

We took the lead early and we should’ve been three up early, with McGregor, GMS and Griffiths pulling the strings, creating good chances, even before Johansen let the ball through for Efe to commit debatable haricari, with the slightest of touches, which would give “nice guy” Craig Thomson all the excuses he needs.

Thompson’s not as blatant in hating us as his old mentor Hugh, but really does love a quiet Celtic assassination, even giving penalties for a laugh late on when it doesn’t really matter anymore.

In these circumstances, the sending off, rightly or wrongly, would have been used by previous Celtic sides, even with 80 minutes to go, ammunition to galvanize them, give them a challenge, a point to prove and ultimately, lead them onto a win.