40 million reasons to invest this summer

Celtic are 8 games away from qualifying for a record 40 million pound bounty from the impending Champions League campaign, enough money to secure 10 in a row and beyond.

Celtic are seeded throughout the tournament and whilst this year will no doubt be harder, should we qualify we will have smashed Dave King’s house of cards analogy back to the stone age.

When meshing Celtic’s business plan of always turning a profit to the 10’s of millions we already have in the bank, should we qualify for this season then we will have enough money for the 10 and well into the future even if we do not make the group stages again.

With so much money on offer, Celtic must go into the market and buy the quality that will secure the windfall.

We can begin with the outstanding business of Odsonne Edouard and then look for solutions at Centre Half and Right Back.

If McGinn is coming then so be it, get him signed and ready, there are not a lot of areas we need investment or players we have been linked with, those who are on our list need to be secured and made ready.

Next season Brendan is playing for 8 in a row, he is playing for the treble treble, he is pitting his wits against his former captain and his team will take control of the best pitch in the country, however, should he qualify for the Champions league it will have a much longer lasting impression on Celtic.

This amount of money can set Celtic up for a generation, they are scrounging as it is and the rest of the Premiership doesn’t spend more than 100’s of thousands on its acquisitions, with this money Celtic can rule all in Scotland for a very long time.

Something which is 8 games of qualification away.



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