The weird world of Harvey Proctor

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dirty bastard

Dirty old cunt Harvey Proctor has been whinging that Operation Midland made ‘bizarre’ allegations of paedophilia against him and he’s totally innocent of any wrong-doing.

What a fucking liar.

proctor cunt

The filthy bastard was indeed a key-player in the VIP child-rape ring which ran (and stills runs) through the sordid British Establishment and he fucking knows it.

He’s hoping that raisin-in-a-wig Cliff Richard is also exonerated from similar claims and says Cliff is being ‘dignified’ throughout his ‘ordeal’.

Cliff is Vile


What a fucking laugh.

Old Cliff get his kicks from young boys pissing and shitting in his mouth and is up to his neck in filth of the very highest order .

Weirdo Cliff

Is is any wonder he’s getting sympathy from the likes of Harvey Proctor?

Proctor thinks he’s being clever because his raping colleagues have paid for his recent high-profile media appearances and have appointed him a top legal team.

evil cunt

Why the fucking hell would they if he were merely a decrepit old shit who ‘spanked’ a few lads in the seventies?

It’s because they know full -well that Proctor is a loose-cannon who knows their dirty secrets and would have no hesitation in revealing them.


He’s now being wheeled-out all over the place and playing the “poor-me” victim card, when the real victims of this scum are vilified and accused of false memory syndrome.