4th place enough for Hibees for Europa League, if Lenny doesn’t do moving on FFP

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Last year many  Celtic bloggers wrote about how Sevco were miles outside of FIFA Fair Play rules, yet they qualified due to both a lack of due diligence and no complaints from Heart of Midlothian FC.

Hearts came fourth and by rights could have lodged a complaint, which if investigated one would assume, would have meant the Newco would have had to surrender its chance to play for European Progres.

Yesterday in The Celticblog there was a fine piece about FIFA fair Play and how Sevco have until the end of the month to prove they are within the parameters, something that will be very hard unless there is a significant change to their financial outlook.

This year, however, we have a very different Edinburgh team chasing a European dream, Hibernian FC, lead by a man who has suffered death threats at the hands of a following loyal to a certain club.

Should the 6-year-olds qualify for the Europa League or even the Champions League, they are almost certain to be without European Football as Hibernian are unlikely to take this lying down.

Neil Francis Lennon is a man renown for having something inside so strong, not a character for doing walking away.

He isn’t a lap dog to the establishment, he is a firebrand who has been consistently and shamefully targetted for not backing down and having the temerity to speak his mind.

I think there is actually more chance of Sevco winning the Premiership than there is of Lenny bowing to a club breaking the rules as his club and 10 others obey them.

This is a man who was punched and called a Fenian bastard at Tynecastle only for the court to decide it wasn’t a sectarian offence.

This is the man who received bullets in the mail.

This is a man who had trophies stolen from him as a player when the illegal EBT scheme was operated across town.

This is a man who hasn’t changed an ounce as his touchline outburst to a farcical penalty last week showed us  all well.

Petrie may be a lapdog of the establishment, but his greatest asset is Neil Lennon, he has worked wonders on  a shoestring budget.

The team he has established is a joy to watch as many neutrals will agree, he and his team are an example of what to do when you come up from the Championship, assemble a squad within your means and establish yourself in the top flight.

The Pariah FC that is ahead of his charges are only alive due to wonga style loans, FFP will lose all credibility if a cold-shouldered entity can be granted a European license on the back of near bankruptcy when they brought in more players at the last window and stating their CEO was ‘penniless’ whilst in court for corporate malfeasance.

If Sevco finishes above the Hibees as you would expect for a club spending money hand over fist with no desire to break even, then a gentle inquiry to UEFA or FIFA should suffice to bring their house of cards down.

With a prospectus ordered, they must reveal the true state of the finances at the Newco or cold-shouldering will be the least of their issues, when those finances are indeed revealed, expect European football to be ruled out.

If anyone is brave enough to put their clubs case ahead of the people’s cause of course.