A lifetimes savings for me or you, 5 days touring for them

Image for A lifetimes savings for me or you, 5 days touring for them

Like most Aussies living in the age of austerity i am finding the challenges of home ownership an impossibility, the desire of traveling our land and beyond a hopeless dream and the common delights of a meal with my misus now a luxury.

Sorry for choking on my woolies budget beef but our future King and Queen have spent an estimated $85,000 on food. How on earth can two people eat that much? In an age where the British are themselves seeing an explosion in foodbanks so that the dinner table can be set, they have eaten $85,000 in 5 days. That is over $8,000 per person per day. I feel sick 🙁

The future of the dominion go to church in Perth. No estimates for how much this cost us just yet.

This of course isn’t the main expense, with travel for 2 people racking up an estimated $257,000. Ever heard of Jetstar? How much of the country and indeed of the world could you or I see with this? We could see every last inch of our country and do a couple of laps of the planet. I feel sick 🙁


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