7 in a row on the table, this team is going to do it

Celtic have been on a war footing all week, in-house interviews of players and a gaffer coyly throwing questions back in the faces of the blue nose media, Celtic’s statement is due to be made on the pitch.

We have heard more hysteria from Them in the last week than all the rest of the season combined, it has been share issues, Murray investing in the basket of assets, composite teams with barely a Tim in the team, a march against the ‘fenians’ all to the tune of Tina Turner.

It has had many of us a little bothered, but not Brendan.

We sometimes forget that he is a Celtic fan, it isn’t like he needs to have the media’s tactics pointed out to him, he grew up supporting the team and knows full well what guff is the norm from the Succulent Lamb corp.

To this end, he has skillfully deflected their delusion and focussed the Bhoys on the task at hand, securing 7 in a row.

Aberdeen bottled it yesterday and a line can be drawn through their campaign, 3 points for Celtic today and the same will be true of the Newco.

They won’t come back from 9 points down with us having a game in hand and a derby at Paradise up our sleeve.

It is time to turn the screw and put the title to bed, kill this false dawn and let them focus on their impending cold-shouldering and Pariah status.

I will come out with a wee prediction, the refereeing will be abysmal and one of our players will be seriously injured in the style of Tierney’s smashed face in the Scottish Cup Final.

Call me paranoid, but like Rodgers, Broony and all who are reading this, I have seen it all happen before.



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