£8 million for 18 months of Zlatan? 60% say YES

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Firstly thank you to the 8,200 voters on the poll and to the 131 very entertaining comments on the post, it really was a divisive one and I thought about not writing this, but hell, with all the talk of forward reinforcements I will appraise the elephant in the room, as it were.

Zlatan doesn’t come cheap, his wages were US$7.2 million a season in the MLS, this, when put through the exchange calculator at xe.com, was £5,582.886, for an 18-month contract would see the figure come just north of £8 million.

This was the figure put to those on the poll and 60% have stated we should pay the money, i vote as well, I voted to bring him to Paradise and here I will explain why.

Zlatan would murder Scotland, he would literally make a mockery of some clubs on and off the pitch, his strength even at 38 is greater than any defender in the country save Ajer and Jullien, his skill greater than any save Edouard who with Zlatan beside him would have every reason to sign an improved long term deal to keep him here at least for the 10.

Speaking about the 10, Zlatan would secure it with Eddie, Griff and Bayo, we have plenty of fine midfielders, wingers, full-backs and 2 amazing Centre Halves, Fraser and Bain are the 2 best Goalkeepers in Scotland, all that is needed is reinforcement up front.

Why not show real intent and buy a player who comes with no transfer fee, but record wages?

Put it to the dressing room, will this split you or unite you?

If Zlatan was brought in would you sign on with improved terms for 4-5 years with huge buyout clauses in the contracts?

If we secure Zlatan our chances of going deep in the Europa League improve dramatically, so do our chances of winning the League and also qualifying for the Champions League next season.

8 million 18 month contract for Zlatan?

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Then there is merchandising, put me down for a Home and Away Adidas strip with Zlatan on the back of it, imagine him as the face of the campaign?

I would wear them for years after his contract is over as would tens thousands of us.

Think of the extra sponsorship that would come in from companies wanting to buy into the Zlatan name?

We have a business plan that revolves around buy cheap sell for a fortune, that business plan has over 30 million in the bank, we still have over 9 million left from the Tierney sale not spent in the last transfer window, this would not jeopardize the club in any respect.

By showing real intent for the 10 in a row and in Europe we will also scare away investors over there, we are head and shoulders above them now, if they were in our position you know what they would do.

AC Milan, Bologna and Tottenham have been linked, he won’t win anything with any of them, AC Milan are currently 13th and Bologna are 15th in Serie A, Tottenham is Tottenham.

If we want to bring in a forward that will guarantee us what we want and offer us the ability to dream on the continent, then we all know the name who is available to do it.

At 8 million quid for 18 months, it is a snip when you think how much has been spent on Charly Musonda, Weah, Burke and even Paddy Roberts in stop gap signings that offered nothing to the business plan.

Zlatan wouldn’t come cheap, but the dividends he would pay would far outweigh the initial cost, 10 in a row, after all, would shine in our history like the star earned in Lisbon.