81% of poll respondents believe Gerrard is more deluded than Pedro!

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A poll on Facebook with over 1100 respondents has shown that 81% believe Steven Gerrard is more deluded than Pedro Caixinha.

Celtic fans are licking their lips at the prospect of a season full of dogs and caravans, salt shakers, the recital of the Oldco’s records, maybe even ban some clothing or wander into the shrubbery.

Just when you thought the fun was over, it is back and threatens to split the sides of Tims around the world.

Yesterday was a snapshot of Scottish Football, it had a dodgy penalty, a whinging manager, a conspiracy theory, supremacist remarks, a child hit in the head with a vodka bottle which of course was launched by those pesky Scottish fans.

Gerrard’s remarks about being better than Aberdeen will provide the spark for the remaining fixtures between the 2nd and 3rd best clubs in the land, however, his ridiculous statement that the whole world is against Rangers and it has been happening for years takes the biscuit.

Are we to believe this former Celtic fan has been following Sevco for years?

What this wreaks of is a bit of advice from Jabba, go out there and play the victim card, talk about historical grievances, Deflect, Obfuscate, Blame, Repeat.

It is a familiar ethos from managers of the Newco, one we didn’t see with Murty but were swamped with McCoist, McCall, Warburton and Pedro, now a 5th little piggy has come to Ibrox.

None of the other 4 could look themselves in the mirror and see their failings, as a result, they never improved and won nothing.

The time between now and the derby cannot go quick enough, we can’t win the Premiership in August, but they can lose it.

Believe me, it has happened before.