Saturday’s home loss to Motherwell has created even more opposition to Ronny Deila and his management team. It’s extremely disturbing to see the way in which a lot of supporters are reacting. Every team will get beat here and there. That should be accepted over the course of a season. It’s hard to disagree with certain aspects of the doubters arguments though. Namely the refusal to start two men up front. It certainly seems Ronny isn’t going to change his ideas on the formation and its this stubborn streak that I feel will ultimately cost him his job.

It’s clear to see from recent attendances that a lot of our support would rather be elsewhere on match days at the present moment. Eventually the poor crowds coupled with our European failings will be too much of a burden financially for the men in suits to ignore. Let’s face facts here, that’s all Liewwell and his cronies are interested in now. We have become a selling club extraordinaire. “Look at us. We bought this player for XYZ and sold him at a profit. Aren’t we great?”. I genuinely like the idea of a foreign coach coming in and implementing a whole new philosophy and strategies throughout the club. It looks very unlikely that Ronny will be that man however. Fans are bored to tears with our style of play and rightly so.