A city divided as never before

This weekend the Glasgow Derby will be played at Firhill between Partick Thistle FC and The Rangers FC, the first time the derby has been played at the Jags asbestos free ground.

Earlier in the year the Newco picked up a 2-0 win at Ibrox which allowed the press to again spout their bile about how the “Rangers are coming”.

This has thankfully subsided as former legends of the Oldco era line up to throw their tuppence worth in the fanzines about Sevco finishing second.

Dave King came back to Scotland to reassure the deluded he didn’t need to spend more money ostensibly to preserve future campaigns.

The irony isn’t lost on most Tims i am sure.

Across our city, Brendan Rodgers is preparing  for his biggest day in football, an opportunity to claim his first trophy.

Not since Gerrard famously slipped, has Rodgers been so close to his maiden title.

For the avoidance of doubt the EPL trophy is somewhat more revered than the League Cup, but this is not one game in 38, this is 90 to 120 minutes of struggle where there can only be one winner.

Our Hampden record is disgraceful, we should have 20 more trophies on our tally i can remember since the early 90’s when Celtic came to mean everything to me.

But Rodgers record is resplendent, he is 100% and is throwing the challenge down to his squad to prove they are the best team in Scotland.

At the same time Deluded Warbo merely calls his club the biggest in Scotland, he dare not call them the best.

Celtic will always have to listen to this guff until such time as we hit 115, tomorrow, we chase 100.

I believe that we are in a treble year, Rodgers is going to beat Aberdeen as he has done previously and comprehensively.

We are in a stated 5 year plan and the gaffer isn’t Mo Bangura, this isn’t a shop front window, he isn’t fishing for a transfer to a big League, he is where he wants to be.

Rodgers knows immortality is 16 trophies including 5 league titles away.

Celtic will pick up 6 in a row, if we take our 100th title at Hampden we will certainly pick up our 100th domestic honour in May to go alongside the Auld Mug whose shadow blankets the West End.

In the previous 9 in a row seasons, Firstly Celtic won trophies for fun, famously winning the League, League Cup, Scottish Cup, European Cup and Glasgow Cup in the immortal year of 1967.

The Oldco were no different, as i alluded to earlier, i got into Celtic at an outright traumatic era.

I have been dreaming of that trauma revisited on Them, whilst they have gone 5 years without a trophy, we have not plundered as we should have.

Indeed the last 5 years have been a tale of missed opportunities, some at the hands of linesman who in several instances have proven that handball doesn’t exist if you are playing a team wearing Green.

But enough of excuses, last year vs Ross County we lead in the first minute only to implode after Efe Ambrose was sent off, conceding a penalty in the process.

Gordon was manhandled for the next goal but the facts are these honest mistakes are already written into the script, no excuses, we have to take this out of the referees hands and dominate Aberdeen.

We know the SFA have their favourites, we will be given no quarter by them or the Sheep, it is time to prove once and for all that we are the best team in Scotland.

Our 100th trophy should do the trick.



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