A Hunskelper is born

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With the news that talisman Leigh Griffiths is struggling to make the Glasgow Derby against Sevco, the question of who will lead the line will likely fall to Moussa Dembele.

The young former Fulham striker has already scored domestically in the League Cup and also in Europe.

The next step for the 20 year old Bhoy is to seize his opportunity and skelp the Newco.

Celtic fans love our heroes, we remember their deeds long after they depart the club.

Whoever puts the Tribute Act to the sword in our first ever League meeting will not be forgotten.

Moussa Dembele if picked will be given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Should he rip Dads Army to pieces at home in front of 60,000 he will find his name on the back of enough shirts to pay for his meagre transfer of £500,000 compensation.

I believe that big Moussa is going to relish the next few weeks in Hoops.

We have the Newco and Barcelona and just when our best striker gets injured he will be called upon to move mountains.

Over the next few weeks we will see just what sort of footballer we have.

The two questions:

  • Is he a class above Sevco and Scotland?
  • Is he European class?

If those questions are answered affirmatively then the 4 year deal we have signed with this young French star will be worth its weight in gold.

Like Eoghan O’Connell earlier in the European campaign, opportunity itself can provide the catalyst for development.

We should blood our youths and give them a chance to shine in their position instead of weakening strengths to strengthen weaknesses.

Dembele is a no brainer as he is already off the mark in both Europe and Domestically.

When called upon i believe we will see a Hunskelper born.


Moussa shows his strength in Europe.

Dembele signed for Celtic at a time when many were chasing his signature.

That in itself is not remarkable for a Celtic target, but it is for one so young and playing in the English Championship with such success.

He literally has turned down the glitz and glamour of the English Premier League for away days at Inverness.

There must be a trade off greater than merely the impressive influence of Brendan Rodgers.

All footballers are ambitious and Dembele will have had his eyes set on the Champions League since signing.

His key goal against Astana from the spot and in open play vs Beer Sheva were critical and decisive.

They were the winning goals for Celtic in both ties which were both won by a solitary goal.

If Moussa’s has a big September then we will have a player worth more than any we sold to Southampton on our hands.

The time is right to let him loose on Sevco and Europe.

It’s time for a Hunskelper to be born.