A-League’s “Video Assistant Referee” desperately needed in Scotland

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The Australian first division, the A-League, has recently began trials with video referees for goals, penalties and send offs.

The system seems to be working as well, there was an incident a few weeks ago whereby a Wellington Phoenix player jumped up for a defensive header and raised his hand like Bobo Balde vs Lyon.

Unlike that incident, it was waved on to the protests of the Sydney FC players.

Once play had come to a stoppage, the clearly angry Sydney players had their appeal heard.

The referee referred to the video assistant as is common in Rugby and Cricket as well as the American sports.

The footage showed a clear handball, a penalty was awarded and duly scored.

Watch the incident, the right call was made in the end. Surely it is time to bring this system into the Scottish Premiership.

If you watched the footage through to the end you would have seen what appeared to be a dive that wasn’t even appealed for by the Kiwi team.

One of their players however complained about it in the post match interview.

This shows that the system itself has limitations, it is open to interpretation.

However, should the trial in the Antipodes prove successful, then surely it must at least be trialed in Scotland.

As can be seen by the live twitter feed covering the match, the incident was resolved in a minute.

The disruption to the game is a negative for supporters, going home sucking on a lemon after having been robbed by yet another honest mistake is soul destroying.

Punters do not have endless supplies of money, they expect accountability for their pounds at the gate.

In a League whereby there are no safe guards against referees being able to officiate in their heroes fixtures, maybe this is the way to clean up the filth within our game.

You can bet your life that if this system was in place in 1890 when the League began, our trophy room would have dozens of extra trophies.

For that reason, we should demand its introduction into the Scottish Premiership as soon as possible.