Abada penalty shout that dispels opposition claims stone dead

Image for Abada penalty shout that dispels opposition claims stone dead

There have been a few crazy takes on the decision to review the tackle on Gustaf Lagerbielke with the fringe element of the Ibrox franchise howling conspiracy, apparently we have our hands on the rule book.

The good news is the rules are on our side with this one, he played the man and not the ball, had it been a 50/50 challenge and had Lagerbielke fallen under the strength of it with Dessers first playing the ball then it would have been play on.

As it was he trod on his foot without first playing the ball and had his hand on his back causing him to fall under the weight of the challenge.

Quite simple really,

For all of their howls of conspiracy the below video shows conclusively that there are no vendettas against the people, quite the opposite.

In the above video you have Abada clattered into from behind, a nasty challenge which I would say is a penalty, it wasn’t blown.

Later in the clip you see what surely should have been a red card but just a yellow.

Regardless, the club from Govan will complain and squeal and demand answers which are available within the rule book.

That they need clarification over what a foul is when there is a video of their player treading on an opponent is little more than amateurish.

What we have come to expect from them.

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