Administration at Newco is -15 points, if it happens before June 30 we are Champions regardless

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There is a lot of talk about voiding seasons, something that all sane commentators have avoided, Ra Peepa have pointed at math to explain their case, apparently the 8-year-olds can still win their 55th, but what if they can’t get their emergency loans in?

The facts are that under FA rules a team which goes into administration cops a 15 point deduction and a 5 point deduction the following year, as things are the season HAS been extended to June 30, if The Rangers can maintain their going concern that long then they can keep banging the null and void drum.

If they can’t then they will be stripped of 15 points as they should have been their tainted titles, this would take them from their current 67 points to 52, Celtic are of course on 80 points.

Now the mathematically inclined across the way would know there figures well as they never stop screaming about world records etc, with 9 games to go they could garner another 27 points, meaning a grand total of 79, 1 point behind the famous Glasgow Celtic.

Should Mike Ashley hasten their demise by finally dropping the hammer for many millions of pounds, we will see the Newco presented with 3 options.

  1. New investment in the worst possible environment to invest
  2. Loans from existing board members themselves being bled white by the twin pressures of the Newco and the current crisis in the share market.
  3. Administration and the penalties associated with it.

Now with respect to the Daily Record and its world exclusive, itself read from Govan to Bridgeton, which announced a man who works with a billion quid of other peoples money and was coming to Sevco’s rescue, the facts are someone of that ilk simply can’t work with someone who has been cold-shouldered.

His business interest already smashed by the virus itself emanating from the region he works in East Asia can’t take another hit, it is pure fantasy as is the idea of a share issue without a prospectus, itself impossible as Rangers do not have audited accounts for the last 3 years.

As the deluded treat every day that passes as an opportunity to demand the season be voided, we should play this simply, time is in fact on our side, we have the money to wait this out, they do not, companies that cannot pay their bills go into Administration, Clubs that go into admin cop 15 point penalties.

That would do us nicely and a 5 point piggyback for the 10 won’t go astray either, there is a very good chance that basically every club apart from the frugal Hibernian would also start with a penalty next year.

In fact, administrators would not just sell anything saleable for whatever they could get the affected clubs would have no chance to do any business in the next window.

Let Them be obstinate, let them hinder a decision on the season, the distribution of winnings, open up Pandora’s box with clubs having to pay back seeason tickets, TV rights and sponsorship money, there is only one club who can survive this.

Worry not Tims, pass the popcorn, deal with isolation, Jelly and ice cream is a dish best served cold.