After their latest delusion: Is it time to ban the rags from Paradise – Poll

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The attacks on Celtic players on the pitch by our opposition are one thing, the attempts to get Celtic players banned by an alleged newspaper are altogether a more dangerous concept.

Since seeing McGregor smash into Lewis Ferguson was highlighted on social media the Peepul have targeted Jozo Simunovic for an innocuous challenge during Celtic’s 2-0 win over Hibernian.

It is tit for tat citing which is actually being propelled by the Daily Record Fanzine which shows great enthusiasm for a certain demographic and can’t hide its derision for Celtic.

The Record along with many of the papers in Scotland is dying, since printing a ‘Vow’ of untold riches from London for Scotland in the event of a vote for the Union just as opinion polls hit 51% for Indy, many in Scotland have refused to buy the rag.

Should the Daily record be banned from Paradise?

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Its circulation has fallen by close to 15% year on year and it is increasingly surviving by saying the term Oldfirm like a parrot on a perch whenever printing something within 6 degrees of seperation of the Glasgow teams.

That Celtic allow this fanzine into the stadium is one thing, getting news of the match day experience and the result is obviously important, however if the same paper is conspiring to defeat Celtic off the pitch then surely its access must be revoked.

Other clubs like Dundee FC have taken action against the DR for printing clickbait about impending administration regardless of any basis in fact, surely with the DR stepping up its project against Celtic we too should follow their lead and officially distance ourselves with this disgrace of a publication.