Ajer must stay, tell AC Milan to pay the world or jog on

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Kris Ajer is a player I hope to see in Hoops for years to come, strong, versatile and passionate he is everything you will ever need in a Footballer, with the 9 and Europe at stake we simply can’t sell him.

Today’s reports of AC Milan having contacted us for his services are unhelpful but to be expected.

He has so much potential at his young age and can play seemingly in any outfield position, remember he played as a Centre Forward as a youth, a Defensive Midfielder when he came, a Centre Half last year and a Right Back this year so far.

He can do it all, with Jozo linked to a move again today, another bid being prepared for KT and now Ajer to AC, we are looking at shipping out the players we will need to build a defense around.

With Jullien, Boli and Hatem coming to Paradise, we have the chance to rebuild our defense around them and take the club forward.

I wouldn’t cry if Jozo was sold, especially if the money was put back into our defensive ranks, but the loss of Ajer would be a catastrophe.

When Jullien signed what pleased me most was the idea of a solid Centre Half playing alongside Ajer who could allow the lad to flourish, instead we have seen him moved to the right to cover our deficiencies.

Hopefully we see Jullien and Ajer form a formidable partnership in the centre pairing and see Hatem on the right and Boli until KT comes back on the left.

Now is not the time to sell the family silver, if AC Milan want Ajer i understand why, the Bhoy is phenomenal, so write us a check for the moon, sun and stars and we will think about it.

Otherwise, jog on.