Alarm bells ring about latest ownership rumour

Image for Alarm bells ring about latest ownership rumour

Usually when there is a rumour which involves a change in either the history, colours or ethos of the football club it can be readily dismissed, however, with the board as out of touch as can be possible and our sponsorship with Dafabet under threat with anti gambling legislation this one may just grow legs.

Energy drink giant Red Bull are rumoured to be looking at entering the Scottish market with Celtic seen as an attractive investment due to the stable nature of the business, huge fan support, stadium and unbroken history among other things.

Fans were mixed in their views, on one hand Red Bull are a very professional group who churn out players and win trophies whilst going deep in Europe.

I would love to see us have a business model like Salzburg, a club we should be far bigger than but are obviously not.

That said, changing our name or renaming Parkhead let alone a change of our colours is a joke.

Sponsorship and even a major shareholding fine, but no to the homogenising of our club into a billboard.

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