Well some good news and some bad news for our cross city rivals, Alfredo has recovered from the scratch which had Scottish Football up in arms as a man who got the ball and followed through into the chunky Colombian was at the centre of a storm all of Gerrad’s making, the news for Ryan Jack though wasn’t so rosy.

The plaster is about the size of a 50 pence coin and seriously if this keeps him out for 2 weeks then I can’t see the list f 34 clubs wanting his signature growing… except in the press.

The situation for Ryan Jack is somewhat worse with a bonafide injury looking to sideline the former Aberdeen hardman for a month.

He will either come into the derby under done or not at all.

This is quite serious for the Newco, I am not a fan of any of their players but Jack is a strong competitor, they will likely fall back on Davis in his defensive midfield position but he is far from the player he once was.

Celtic have a banana skin tonight vs St. Mirren, should we win we will have the opportunity on Saturday to over take a team who had what was called a humongous advantage just a few weeks ago.