Alternative to Lowland League with more reward to be had

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We live in an era of City groups and Red Bull franchises, themselves made up of cherry picked teams and then flooding them with capital and changing their semantics to reflect a brand, be it a sky blue jersey with the word City attached to it or an energy drink.

Celtic haven’t gone down this path but have flirted with the idea, with it looking likely that we will not have a team in the Lowland League then maybe it is time we looked further a field.

I first wrote about this in 2017, you can read the article below. my opinion hasn’t changed, Celtic should look to buy a club called Celtic and then build it up through the leagues, the best option for mine would be West Allotment Celtic.


The Newcastle based team dates back to 1928, they are 6 years off their centenary, an amazing achievement for a non league club.

They finished midtable in the Northern League which sits on the 9th level of the footballing pyramid, 4 levels below the EFL which of course starts with the Conference.

If we could get an agreement with the English FA we could send our B team down to West Allotment and compete for spaces, if we were to buy a stake in the 94 year old club we could also put some money into its own transfer dealings and hoover up the best young talent in the surrounding districts.

Should they excel a pathway to Celtic would then exist.

Of course recalling players midseason and sending them back is a sticking point, can it be done, well we can only ask.

Should we jump those Leagues and make it to the Conference the crowds would expand, Geordie shore would be an incredible away day for fans.

Their crowds aren’t bad with 410 seeing the last match of the season.

That would swell with some of our players and some financial input.

WAFC have all their matches taped via Veo and have a highlights package on YouTube, if we had a partnership with them we could enhance this and play all their games live on Celtic TV or even get a live stream to YouTube.

We could grow this very quickly with our own infrastructure at minimal cost.

Should we not be able to get a deal to have players move forwards and backwards, there are far worse ideas than loaning 4 players to this club for the season.

In the article I wrote I also stated that Donegal Celtic in Ulster and Cwmbran Celtic in Wales would be worthwhile investments, at worst we could send 4 players on loan to each.

The Welsh are a division below the top League as are the Irish, with some help from Celtic FC we could yet see all these teams rise.

Not some plastic drink cartel or some oil company with a group of football clubs but building up historical clubs, changing nothing with relation to names or colours and doing our best to establish clear pathways to the first team in Glasgow.

Sounds far better than playing in a League with Sevco throwing our weight around like a petulant child in competitions with a ceiling on them.

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