One time Celt and long term soup offcianado Andy Walker has come out on the Scottish Football podcast to attack Celtic’s board over the departure of Brendan Rodgers and has thrown Lennon under the bus in the meantime.

I don’t think Neil Lennon is going to be there next season.

“It looks as though he will serve out the rest of this season.

“I’ve been very critical of the Celtic board and their approach – I don’t think there’s been any succession planning. When you have a manager like Brendan Rodgers, that relationship with the board didn’t end well as Rodgers was critical.

“The Celtic board hate criticism and they were delighted when he left to go to Leicester.

“They were delighted to get £9m in compensation. What they should have recognised was that he was a great manager and that he had improved players who were already at the club.

“They should’ve looked to get the next Brendan Rodgers, the younger version, in much the same way that they scour the rest of Europe for players who don’t go straight to the Premier League in England.

“Celtic should be targeting a young coach who has a proven track record of improving players. That is the way a lot of supporters would prefer they went about their business. The sooner they get someone in to do that, the better because there are a lot of changes needed in the Celtic squad.

“Now that the 10 has gone, I feel Celtic need to be thinking of a complete restructure. I know that there’s a whole committee involved in the buying of players, but I would prefer whoever is on this committee that brings players in..I would prefer that they knew who the next manager was.

“The squad will be drastically changed by the time next season kicks off so I’m not sure it makes a great deal of sense this month to keep spending under a manager that everyone seems to accept won’t be there from the start of next season.”

This criticism is extremely hollow, mid year there were no manager available to fill Rodgers boots, Lennon did well for the remainder of the season and won the treble last season.

He could hardly have been faulted at the turn of the season, the newer younger manager he wants would likely be on the radar of all the major leagues, it is simply not that easy to bring in top quality.

When we did have Rodgers at the club, we had pundits like him linking him with a move away from Celtic for his own good every other week, either way, we can’t win with the likes of Walker who simply can’t hide his hatred of the club he once played for.