Anti social behaviour a direct response to SFA inaction toward a certain demographic

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Unpopular opinion, the weekly anti social behaviour which is becoming the norm in Scotland is to be expected when one club can jump fences, throw batteries, pitch invade at will and throw chairs without so much as a whimper from the SFA, that their beloved club is now being targeted shouldn’t be a surprise, as they state with pride, nobody likes them.

When Celtic beat Kilmarnock at Rugby Park some seats were damaged in the melee which was the goal celebration, the angle of the seats showed they had been smashed by jubilant fans, not ripped off, let alone used as missiles.

That lead to the fanzine sports desks flying into hyperbole talking of money owed and condemning the fans behavior, last week at Pittodrie we saw the Newco fans rip seats up and hurl them Aberdeen fans and there was barely a word, such behaviour is expected of Them.

When Kris Boyd was hit on the arm by a coin it lead to a full blown conversation about the term Orange with references to his parentage, it morphed from tuppence thrown across the fence into a sectarian attack with all the trimmings.

When batteries were hurled at Griffiths it was barely reported on let alone when Broony had to hold off one of the handsome who had taken aversion to the Broomloan laughing at the entity.

We have seen no fewer than 3 pitch invasions this season for no reason, Celtic jumped the fence once and our Captain was red carded for celebrating, i saw no such sanction meted out to Morelos and co.

These pitch invasions go back to Partick when Sevco won the Champions League under Pedro from memory, sorry but i get all their managers and pitch invasions mixed up as there have been so many.

The SFA has been silent on all of these breaches and consequently fans across the country are looking at the opportunity to vent their rage not just in an anti social but an illegal way, people can get badly hurt, assault is not a joke, one well directed punch can kill.

Hibs have been guilty of throwing Buckfast and jumping the fence in the last week, they seriously need to get their house in order, it must be said of course that we have had idiots jump the fence such as the game vs PSG, we have also had objects thrown such as those against Kris Boyd, i absolutely believe such offenders whatever club they support should receive life bans.

There is a lot of talk about sectarian singing, I honestly love singing rebel songs and don’t see singing about freedom as a hate crime, if the place to sing them is Paradise or away is a matter of debate, if wading through Fenian blood is acceptable then why the hell not.

The facts are that the issue is thus, it is tit for tat, it is endless grabbing of the moral high ground, no one is looking at their own actions with any shame and the endless finger pointing has lead to a culture of whataboutery in the Scottish game.

You have read here instances of Celtic’s sins as well as the elements of our match day experience that others find distasteful, until we look at our own issues and fix them the issues will never go away, that a certain demographic wrap themselves in a cloak of victimisation and refuse all conversation on any element of their existence or actions means that we are going to be trapped in this Chinese thumb trap for years to come.

The SFA’s inaction and in matter of fact inability to act will lead to direct sanctions from Holyrood, another criminalisation bill is as good as drafted.

That the media is unable to say anything is a direct response to when the Herald had to print a retraction and sack a journalist as he had reported that a Ibrox director had said the Billy Boys was a fine song.

When a journalist can’t print what has been said to them due to it offending a certain demographic we have witnessed the death of the truth, the end of objective reporting and the dawn of a dark age of media presided over by fools tip toeing around facts to avoid a boycott.

I suppose that is why you are reading this blog and others like it, for right or wrong, we say what we think, not what we are told to say.