Are Scotland’s Shame immune to prosecution for their numerous crimes?

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In what world do we live whereby a certain demographic is able to hurl abuse and batteries along with their dole money at the fine men of The Celtic Football Club.

We are after half a week and there isn’t anything conciliatory coming out of Ibrox.

Quite the opposite, we have seen apologists heaped on top of cynics trying to explain the problem as isolated, however too endemic to effectively police.

How does this contradiction sustain itself?

A handful of arrests in an insipid cauldron of hate.

Inspired by a bygone era that the rest of the Protestant world moved on from 150 years ago, they continue to make their community look stupid.

I lament what it must be to be a liberal minded Protestant hearing their bile on the weekend claiming they quintessentially represent you.

Look at the state of them?

Listen to the crap they bleat on with, the mannerisms familiar to a lower state of evolution, the Handsome are getting prettier by the day.

For all this rant my main point in this is that Ibrox and the SMSM have barely said a thing, if this were the Green Brigade pelting Sevco players with batteries FFS.

Why bring batteries to the football?

What would the SFA do?

How would the press appraise this?

We are being yet again taken for fools.

Ibrox did Celtic a massive favour last weekend.

The gubbing has ruined their recruitment chances of attracting quality players.

The club is basically trading week to week, the need to rebuild the squad massive, Stadium falling down, manager is inept, the Chairman is AWOL and the board divided, the team is a complete and utter shitebag of no name Bosmans sourced from the netherworld of football.

By the way if you are Black or Catholic prepare to be hooted at or have people screaming something about going for a swim…

The state of Them.