As the window opens, prepare for quality or mutiny

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Celtic fans are anxiously awaiting the opening of the winter transfer window and the new names that will come into the team 5 months late.

The Centre Halves we never purchased should arrive and the centre Half who has never played should well leave.

Ralston has proven himself adept at Right back and should find himself as the back-up player in that position, Gamboa can leave or run down his contract, either will not bother the rank and file, however, anything less than a new face in that position will be a slap in the face to supporters bored of substandard play from that position for several years now.

Lustig will likely stay until the summer, if he gets a new contract it will be a step backward for the team, he clearly isn’t the player he once was and the weekend proed his glaring deficiencies before one and all.

With our defence the main focus this window it appears certain we will also look to bolster in the forward line as well.

Timothy Weah looks set to join on loan and all well and good, he certainly has the pedigree and is joining from an amazing club, but a player who can walk into the team is needed up front.

You would like to hope the club will actually spend here, not merely to look to bring in a loan player but to invest in the whole that Moussa has left in the team.

The Celtic board has been getting a lot of flack online in the last few days and rightfully so, we have turned 100 million pounds and have a shortage of players at Christmas, whilst men like Lawwell are pocketing over 2 million in bonuses they would be smart to spend 10 times that this window.

We can afford it and the team needs it, the manager deserves it and the supporters are demanding it.

Failure in this window will have serious ramifications on the field, but this will revert to protests in the stands very quickly.

Celtic fans pay the most for season tickets, travel in the highest numbers, buy the most merchandise (not from turkey either) and keep the PLC well in the black, it is time for some of that money to be spent where we want to see it most, on the first XI.

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