Astonishing referee statistic for The Rangers surfaces

Image for Astonishing referee statistic for The Rangers surfaces

The Newco live a charmed life, today we saw them have a penalty claim for handball waved away and then a comical second yellow given against Ginnelly which was milked by Barasic, himself the aggressor more than anyone.

The red card however turned up an interesting point.

Porteous didn’t even touch Aribo despite Aribo lying prone on the floor for several minutes, Ginelly was sticking up for his own player who Barasic had lay upon happy in the knowledge there are no repercussions in blue.

For O’Donnel even Andy walker himself banned from Paradise had this to say:

“It’s a foul, I don’t think it’s worth a yellow.

“It’s not a yellow but he gives the referee a decision to make.

“The threshold is always so low now for yellows and O’Donnell has picked up two of them. That’s the end of the game for him.”

The facts are that The Rangers are getting results on the back of decisions and non decisions.

What is ball to hand or is handball depends on whose hand it is, what is a foul by them is a card against them.

Celtic are right to call out the referees, tonight’s performance was abysmal, it was pure amateur hour.

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