Attracting Rose, 23 million pound bounty, UCL and 10 in a row to turn his head to Paradise

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Marcus Rose has stated that he is considering his position at Salzburg with interest from the Bundesliga and also Celtic weighing on his mind as his team looks to sweep up more trophies in Austria.

If we were to make a pitch for him to come to Celtic then funds would need to be available for him to bring some players in, possibly from his current club to play the system he has made so successful.

Whilst we would no doubt need to pay compensation to Salzburg, the 9 million we have made from Brendan Rodgers departure should go straight into the kitty, if we were then to cash in on Ntcham who has been priced at 14 million with Porto reportedly interested we would see a possible transfer kitty of 23 million appear without needing to go into our savings.

Should he qualify us for the Champions League, monies could be forthcoming in the January window, especially if we were still playing in Europe, even at Europa league level.

The 2 clubs which have been linked with him in the Bundesliga are Schalke and Wolfsburg, the first is coming 4th last and is in a relegation battle, they are perennial chokers and a poison chalice for a young career.

Wolfsburg would be a better option but are currently coming 7th, Celtic would offer a better chance at Champions League Football for Rose and this should be emphasised in negotiations.

With Celtic looking almost certain to win the League this year we would be on the charge for 9 and the magical 10 beyond that, Rose would have the opportunity to become a legend very quickly.

Celtic need a rebuild in the summer regardless, 2 centre halves and a right back are a must, if Rose were to come Celtic the money from Rodgers and for Ntcham if sold would provide the money for him to bring some players with him.

Redbull operate of a system of talent identification of strong, fast and talented young players, if the same ethos can be brought through at Celtic we would stand to make millions.

The careers of Karamoko Dembele and Armstrong Okoflex would also receive a huge boost, it is talented players such as them that Salzburg have produced to win trophies and then bring in a healthy dividend.

If we are to go in for Rose, a transfer bounty is a must, if the club refuses to spend the millions it saves then at least spend the millions on offer from Rodgers departure and the sale of a surplus player, then give him assurances if we can qualify for the Champions league that money will be available.

Add this to managing a massive club and support at such an important time in our history would hopefully get the deal over the line.

If there has ever been a time to spend on the playing squad and manager, it is now.