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Season ticket threat grows as Tims threaten to do walking away

Celtic supporters have been magnificent this season, paying for season tickets without even stepping foot in Paradise, but the books are unlikely to … Read More
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“Resignations and sackings required. Celts demand change now

Celtic gave away another 2 points today in what was a horrendous team selection followed by a woeful performance, the isolation bans are taking a … Read More
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  • 1 min read time
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Andy Walker throws Celtic board and Lennon under a bus in Rodgers rant

One time Celt and long term soup offcianado Andy Walker has come out on the Scottish Football podcast to attack Celtic's board over the departure of … Read More
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  • 4 min read time
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AC Milan give Celtic price for Laxalt

The Italian press has reported that AC Milan is willing to sell Diego Laxalt to Celtic with FFP being an issue with the Italian giants needing to … Read More
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  • 3 min read time
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Celtic win but at a huge cost, videos inside

Celtic scored three goals today but it was in the saving of one which has raised most concern. Christopher Jullien appears to have suffered a … Read More
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  • 1 min read time
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SPFL manager calls for referees to be ‘Brave’ and punish Sevco

The Newco are yet to have conceded a penalty with 2 being overlooked on the weekend as a player was kicked in the head and another barged to the … Read More
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  • 2 min read time
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