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Celt trolls Sevco fans and fools media with Morelos for €17 million

Well Alfy may well have had his head turned but Ra Peepa remain as gullible as ever, you can't take their eyes off the numbers and the latest one of … Read More
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Twitter slams Aberdeen, calls for 3-0 defeats and fines

Twitter has reacted to Aberdeen's player's decision to go to a pub together in an act which has 2 players confirmed with Covid-19 and a further 6 … Read More
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  • 1 min read time
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2nd CL place guaranteed, but what if the season is voided? Clarification is needed.

Some good news for Scottish Football, on the back of successful runs by Celtic and to be fair also The Rangers the national quotient has risen to … Read More
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  • 2 min read time
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SPFL at risk as Aberdeen are decimated with 8 players quarantined due to Covid-19

The SPFL season has been thrown into chaos as 8 players from Aberdeen have been forced into self-isolation for between 10 and 14 days on the back of … Read More
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  • 2 min read time
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Celtic Twitter slams Lyle Taylor to Celtic reports

Lyle Taylor has exploded into the forums online due to a Sky Sports report which is low on detail (see below) and claims Celtic are keen on signing … Read More

Morelos in new race row as Real and Barca scared off by his nationality!

There is guff and there is pure moon howling bollocks, both surround Alfredo Morelos and The Sun who have just posted a rant from Victor Montano … Read More
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  • 2 min read time
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