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Gianni Capaldi slams board for £90 million blunder

Celtic fanatic Gianni Capaldi has said what most Celts are thinking as we lick our wounds yet again. We have been embarrassed against … Read More
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  • 1 min read time
  • 1,755 reads

Scott Brown trolls Sevco on Instagram and twitter

Well it is very strange seeing Scott Brown in a red top but all the same he remains a character who will forever have Celtic in his heart, he … Read More
  • Indy Celts
  • 1 min read time
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Union Bears tifo slaughtered by Celts on Twitter

Oh the Onion bears are a funny mob with their illegible tifos often making many laugh, the tifo of Davie Cooper had one Tim deciding to take the … Read More
  • Indy Celts
  • 1 min read time
  • 8,011 reads

Celtic’s 9000 ticket allocation fall short by over 6000 seats

It is interesting that the rules applied across the COVID era of football have been so random, from Celtic having games postponed, players like … Read More
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  • 2 min read time
  • 701 reads

Video: English kick and bash Asian man on the ground in Wembley shame

Seriously the English know how to enjoy a night at the football, kick the stuffing out of everyone they bump into, squeal whistle and boo when the … Read More
  • Indy Celts
  • 1 min read time
  • 7,177 reads

Australian reports on Ange’s backroom staff a major red flag

Triple M's Football program the Real Football Show has aired news from an Australian agent that Ange Postecoglou was denied the chance to recruit … Read More
  • Indy Celts
  • 1 min read time
  • 13,661 reads