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Former Celtic heroes amazing act of charity

Tony Watt was among the goals today for his club Motherwell getting the first of 4 in a 4-0 rout of Ross County, he took to Twitter an hour ago with … Read More
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Heavy riddy for Scottish Tory leader/linesman

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has shown incredible concentration Tweeting about politics whilst running the line at St. … Read More
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Poll shows Sky are turning Celts to firesticks

With the lockout season costing Celts for games they are not even attending, the prices for home streaming of away games is sparking anger among the … Read More
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Celtic fans fleeced again by ridiculous decision

The deal with Sky is a shambles with Celtic fans being forced to pay to watch the game vs Hibernian after Sky decided against showing what will be a … Read More
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Celts on Twitter slam key signing after Milan defeat

Shane Duffy had a poor match against AC Milan at both ends of the field, he was no where near the ball from set pieces up front but was far worse in … Read More

AC Milan legend’s incredible Celtic Park tribute

We may be lining up against AC Milan tonight in the Europa League but it didn't stop AC Milan legend Kaka taking time to answer a Celtic fan on … Read More
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