Autumn of gubbings await Sevco

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A look at Sevco’s draw is not very friendly, with pain on the horizon multiple times. They have Aberdeen and Hearts twice, both home and away and finish on Hogmanay with another horsing, this time at Mordor, by Celtic.



If we were to speculate and put the teams into 3 categories: Should Win, Might Win, Wont Win i would have them arranged accordingly.

Should Win: Partick (H), Kilmarnock (H), Dundee (H) and Partick (A) for a total of 12 points

Might Win: Ross County (H), Inverness (A), St. Johnstone (H), Ross County (A), Hamilton (A), Inverness (H) and  St. Johnstone (H) for a total of 21 points on offer.

Being generous to Them, if they won their home games and drew their away games it would be 15 points from 4 wins and 3 draws. I fear they will garner less. 

Wont Win: Aberdeen (A), Hearts (A), Aberdeen (H), Hearts (H) and finally Celtic (H). A total of 15 points just waiting to be dropped.

Aberdeen will show us if they are worth worrying about between now and Sevco, they were relatively poor at Paradise but were still competitive until 87 minutes.

The 5-1 game vs Sevco was over well before then and i feel that Aberdeen will not just beat Sevco home and away, they will thump them as we did.

Hearts got their penalty from an ubiquitous “Honest mistake” but ran with Celtic all the way til Sinclair’s late winner.

I believe Hearts will rack up a cricket score against Sevco and they are my pick to come second behind us.

They are fitter and stronger than Sevco or Aberdeen and their club is only getting stronger.

Sevco will be slaughtered.

They are simply not up to the standards of these teams that will genuinely push Celtic this year.

By contrast Celtic’s draw is extremely open as we have already played our main title rivals.

We have the last of our hard games away to Inverness this weekend, which along with Aberdeen away looks the two most likely games for Celtic to drop points.



Just say we were to lose both and 1 more draw after a European hangover it would still have Celtic with a title winning lead at the winter break.

Indycelts Predictions at the winter break.prediction_o_6938819

I am basing the for an against on Sevco scoring 2 goals per game (generous) and accounting for gubbings at Pitodrie and Tynecastle.

I am calculating that Celtic will score 3 goals on average per game and concede a little over 1 goal per game on average.

If this is the case then we can draw a red line through their season on the New Year at Snake Mountain.

Heaven help Strathclyde police after we horse them in front of the deluded.

There is the prospect of 5 heavy losses to the feted institution in the next couple of months and if it culminates at Poundland with a Celtic victory, i think our team should leave by helicopter.

The deluded have at no time in either of their histories been whipping boys, that’s all about to change.

The Shame are raging already.

Now it’s time to watch Warburton’s slow death at the hands of his own audience, his own constituency and the very people that once put a Magic Hat on him.

Popcorn will be in high demand watching the Tribute Act this Autumn, the gubbings have just begun.