Backing Brendan is a no brainer

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The last few days have been relatively traumatic on social media as a poor European result, not a terrible one, a poor one, has been blown out of proportion not just by a gleeful media but also by our own fans.

This has been made worse by the grumbles between the board and Brendan, something which surfaced on the day of the match with the board upset Brendan actually wants to spend some of the millions he has made.

Dave King suggested Celtic are a house of cards that will fall in by missing one Champions League, i disagree, but if we were to lose the manager the loss of this years European money would be small change compared to the damage it would cost our plans for 10 in a row.

Since his arrival, Rodgers has overseen a transformation in our fortunes quite literally, 2 doses of Champions League Football to go with record shirt sponsorship and helping Celtic to a 100 million pound season last year, the first by a Scottish club.

We have sold both Sviatchenko and Armstrong for a combined 8 million pounds (add-ons can rise Armstrong’s fee to 10 mil) and bought Edouard for 9 million making the window a neutral one for Celtic.

We have had a recurring problem in defence which predates Rodgers arrival, that funds are not available to the manager to fix the area holding the team back is tedious.

Give the gaffer a chequebook and let him bid for who he wants!

How on earth are we missing out on targets for a pittance?

If Brendan leaves Celtic due to not having his ambitions met, his replacement will be given the poison chalice of being expected to match his success on the same budget.

As for the board, there won’t be any who will escape the ire of the fans, we all love Brendan, we all want this team to evolve and maintain its dominance domestically and improve on the continent.

With that in mind, let’s hope the board gives him the opportunity to sign a quality centre-half and a right back.

Spending some of the millions he has made is no less than this Celtic fan deserves.