Bain, Ajer and Hendry the gems on our books who can shine and save us a fortune

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Our defence has been a shambles this year, I am not telling you anything you don’t know there, but maybe just maybe the screams for investment are not needed, maybe the Bhoys are already on our books.

The next 10 games ahead of us in both League and Cup are a massive opportunity for Bain, Ajer and Hendry, in my opinion, young Ajer has already nailed down a place since coming in after the loss to Hearts.

His performances have been admirable, it shows not just the Deila signings mettle but the true ingenuity of Brendan Rodgers, who saw a defensive mid and new he was well down the pecking order with Brown and Biton occupying those spots.

Unlike Biton who is all at sea when playing Centre Half, Ajer was young enough to be crafted into the position and also mature enough to take the loan move to Killie where that position was offered to him.

His transformation has been incredible as his recent cap for Norway aged just 19 shows, he is a player we can build a defensive structure around for years to come.

Alongside him is a player who also took a full bow for Scotland in young Hendry, it again shows the nous of the gaffer, bringing him into the cauldron of Ibrox where the hordes were foaming at the mouth a man up with Jozo sent for a petulant elbow.

Hendry has shown that he is also one who can play in the pressure cooker atmosphere and excel, if he and Ajer can form a Centre Half partnership in the run in Celtic will have saved a fortune on our prospective shopping list.

Now comes Bain who yesterday stated loudly in the Press he is keen to stay at the Champions, he is loving his football and seems a very popular lad among the players, the gaffer and our support.

Gordon has taken pelters for some time, Dorus is two good games followed by 1 bad, Bain looks to have the position to himself if he can churn out the clean sheets we have craved since big Fraser went to Soton.

Tierney would walk into any defence in Britain, Man United’s continued interest attests to that, leaving just the right side as a contentious issue.

That said, Gamboa played a fantastic game vs Scotland and young Ralston himself on a new 4-year deal is set to get valuable game time playing for Dundee United.

Between now and the end of the season, Gamboa deserves his chance, Lustig clearly is not the answer.

Should Gamboa play and excel, we will have our defence sorted for the next campaign, should he not he will move on for good money should he show his potential at the World Cup, the same can be said of Lustig.

Celtic have a magnificent opportunity in these last 10 matches, we can forge a defence that of KT 20, Hendry 23, Ajer 19 and Bain 26 could see us through to the 10 in a row and beyond.

All of a sudden, we may just have the gems on our books we have been searching for all season.