Bankruptcies off the radar as Hector won’t do moving along

Oldco Rangers live a charmed life… or death as it is, they were bankrupted, paid a ditty 250,000 fine for a decade of cheating and screwed the tax man for 48 million and walked away from debts 3 times that size all with their trophies, history and no repercussions, that is until Thursday when Hector expects paid.

Sevco are of course a different club and it doesn’t concern them.

Oldco Rangers and its team of Champion players who dueled with Celtic during the O’Neill and Strachan years are however very much in line for major sanctions, the first of those paying the tax on 48 million pounds of tax evasion.

The Daily Record understands this to be in the vicinity of 24 million pounds meaning that the players who assumed they were signing contracts in good faith are now going to be repaying stunning amounts of money for men who are now retired from the modern day riches of football.

As much as I despise those teams we watched push Celtic over and over again you can’t say that they were not full of quality footballers, McCleish himself admitted they couldn’t keep up with Celtic unless they spent more and that meant ruling out the tax man.

We are going to hear a lot about different companies and their liabilities inasmuch as sporting sanctions are concerned, that this Newco/Same club guff means that a club claiming to be a club isn’t the same club because it is a different company.

But all these players you would think should be able to sue the club for poor advice, they are footballers after all, not accountants.

But should they try they will be pointed at the liquidators from whence their History was bought for a pound from.

Summer hasn’t even started and it is already heating up at Ibrox before Gerrard takes over the reins and waits for Hummel to make him a jersey.



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