Banter years on steroids, Sevco’s deathwish over 9IAR

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As I write this Celtic’s share price is falling drastically, not because our club is poorly managed, but because all shares are tanking, well all shares that are actually listed that is.

The Newco and their null and void fantasy it seems have detached from all reason purely on the logic of denying Celtic the chance at a historical 10 in a row, it is cutting the nose off to spite the face at its very best.

Should the season be made null and void then the legal ramifications will be cataclysmic not just for The Rangers but for a great deal many clubs in Scotland throughout the pyramid, not due to relegations or failed promotions, but due to the legal catastrophe that can follow.

Ra Peepa are forever finding it hard to see past the end of their blue noses, they have a harsh sense of perspective whereby today’s banter on Twitter is seen as more important than the future of their fledgling club.

Should they take the obstinate course and block the continuation of the season, even if it must be behind closed doors, then their club will lurch towards the grave occupied by the Oldco before the summer dawns.

The facts are that Sevco is down to its last penny, in fairness Slippy has kept them alive with his European run bringing in the lion share of their money outside of season ticket sales this season.

That run however is over, if the return leg is played or not, they are not getting past Leverkusen away whilst 1-3 behind.

So as it stands what is needed is for a constructive conversation on the completion of the fixtures and the paying out of monies associated with the completion of a league campaign.

From there we can talk about the compensation packages for season ticket holders who will almost certainly miss out on 4 matches, they can be placated with free tickets to cup games or be given vouchers for free merchandise, well, at least we can do the second one at this point in time.

Sevco is happy to open Pandora’s box instead of coming to the reality that haunts them, that Celtic is going to win this year’s title and likely win next years too.

Once again, they choose death, that they wrap themselves in the cloak of sporting integrity as they choke the nation for their own self-interest is obvious to all, it won’t work and it won’t be forgotten.