Barton is a Coupon Up for Celtic

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If ever there was a player that sums Sevco up it is Joey Barton.

Loads of potential on the outside, nothing but skeletons in the closet.

Lets hope that Barton actually does ‘beg’ to stay at the Newco, he is worth his weight in gold.

Not just as a wage drain for Sevco, but as a never ending side show that undermines everything around him.

News has just broke that fresh from his 3 week in house suspension for a training ground bust up, Barton is under investigation for gambling on a football fixture.


Joey Barton, the next Ian Black! This just keeps getting better and better.


Guess who’s back?

Unfortunately this may give Sevco the opportunity to sack Barton for misconduct and therefore they will not have to pay out his huge wages.

It would be better if he stayed.

The charges were reported in the Daily Mirror:

The Record understand a red flag was raised by bookmakers last week after a bet was placed on Celtic to suffer a heavy defeat in the Nou Camp.

It’s alleged the wager – for Celtic to lose by at least three goals – was placed on Barton’s personal account with bookies Betfair.

Such reckless behaviour is just what Sevco do not need.

Peter Lawwell has already called him a liar for printing that Celtic approached him in his autobiography, turns out Barton called Celtic instead.

This in the Scotsman:

Lawwell said: ““An agent called saying Joey was signing for Rangers but would really prefer Celtic. “I think Joey’s been had by a bit of a matchmaker here. But it wasn’t something we wanted to pursue. These things happen to players sometimes.”

Then he has said today in the Herald:


Just when there has been a crisis meeting to repair his future, he comes out and says this.

Thank Goodness he didn’t sign for us, seldom has there been a player less deserving of wearing our unbroken Hoops.

Hopefully all of this stays in the media for the next couple of weeks and turns the Ibrox men in to Joey Barton FC.

The manager has been castrated, the board are powerless, the fans divided and the drivel at its thickest on the pitch.

Truly these are amazing days in which we live.

Sevco are owned by a criminal, managed by a moaner and their best players are too old for the Qatari League.

With Joey at the club their future will only have one trajectory.

Joey must stay!

2 years of comedy gold beckons, if the tribute act keeps hold of its loudest clown.