Biggest club in the country announces 10,000 waiting for season tickets. Paradise is set to swell for the 9

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Celtic have again proved themselves to be bigger in every way to the rest of Scottish Football with 10,000 supporters on the waiting list for a season ticket, Paradise once again is set to be packed as Celtic march toward the 10.

Most teams in Scotland do not have a stadium that holds 10,000, indeed in the Premiership there are few who can claim to have that many supporters in the first place.

Kilmarnock’s Rugby Park holds 17,000 but even when Celtic fill the stands at the end we outnumber their home fans who can’t be bothered coming out to watch what is a very good team this year in particular.

Across the City, the Newco will point to its dilapidated stadium and suggest they are a bigger club, the facts are that they WERE a bigger club, this incarnation of the Ibrox outfit is a pale shadow of the Oldco.

Fergus McCann’s legacy will again reap Celtic millions of extra pounds in season ticket money as fans come to watch Football in a true cathedral of the sport, one renown around the world by players and fans alike.

As we look to see who we will be spending on for next season, a certain club is yet to roll out ‘former players’ holding up big cardboard signs with ticket renewals scrolled across them across the pages of an ever obeying fanzine media.

I wonder if Ashley is eyeing up his share of it before it even comes in.