Booing the Queen vs laughing at hate mongerers

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There is an element of support within Scotland that repeatedly violates UEFA and FIFA rules, it is a cash cow of fines for its belligerent and toxic offences, I speak of course of the fans of the Scottish national team.

I am not hearing about a #DisbandTheTartanArmy campaign being launched by the bleeding hearts of the SMSM.

Nor am I seeing journalists lecture us all on how football and politics must be kept separate, instead we are seeing apologists for the boo boys.

The whole crowd boos the English anthem at SFA HQ.

Now let me first be clear, the Queen deserves booing, why would God want to save her anyway?

Those of us who have an appetite for democracy are waiting for the good Lord to call her number.

But attacking a national anthem is a political offence, it is an action no different to holding up a road sign and a skeleton in a beret and fatigues.

Before this latest political outrage, there was an overt and militaristic display of a Poppy on the jersey of the Scottish team, this would no doubt have been sanctioned by the SFA directly.

How can the SFA and the numpties at UEFA complain about the behaviour of the Green Brigade when the Buckie hurling, bonfire loving lodgers themselves brought the old hate to the ground for 180 minutes?

It is pure hypocrisy.