Boyd vs Griffiths: The real reason the cheerleader is obsessed

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Have you heard that fairytale about Kris Boyd being more prolific than the King of Kings? Yeah me too… some amount of delusion in it, only one plank on the planet seems to repeat it, but there is more to his pain than is being spoken of.

Leigh Griffiths has been prolific for Celtic, he has scored 109 goals for the Hoops in all competitions and should he continue his goal-scoring as he has in the last few fixtures, that tally is sure to rise, maybe a little to high for some who fan their own egos.

The facts are that at 29 Griffiths could run down Boyd’s alleged record, the facts are that he claims the SPL record, but the SPL died with a club he played for before coming back to play in the lower leagues where they both belong.

In Scotland, high-quality attackers can’t be kept, but Griff’s a player who looks like he has made his last move, if he can earn his spot, score his goals and keep the Hoops on top there is nothing stopping him finishing his playing career at Celtic.

At 29, he could play another 5 years and run Boyds precious record down, but as far as I know, he should keep that deluded record as the SPL no longer exists, it is now the SPFL.

The facts are that Jimmy McGrory scored 550 goals in 547 appearances for both Celtic and on loan at Clydebank, he still holds the British record, one that will never be touched, these included an amazing 408 goals in 408 League games.

Talking about some small part of history which you scored more goals than the others in a financially doped league is hardly an achievement, to try and hold onto that at all costs by attacking the one man with a genuine chance of running you down is a disgrace.

On the first of December Boyd stated that Griff had 4 weeks to save his Celtic career, I won’t add the link to the SMSM, but here is the excerpt.

“He needs to be first in, he needs to be last away. He needs to train every single day to the best of his ability because he’s not going to play.

“He’s miles behind Odsonne Edouard.

“For me, he has got four weeks to save his Celtic career.

“If he doesn’t show Neil Lennon inside these four weeks, they will go and recruit a striker in January and for me, it will be over for Griffiths.”

This campaign against Griffiths has been going for a while, a self-proclaimed record holder wants his nearest rival gone.

I hope Griff keeps scoring, keeps climbing our ladder of legends and makes himself one in the process, oh and I hope he runs down Boyd’s deluded record too.

The man who managed just 1 goal against Celtic but 6 against Rangers/The Rangers can’t hide his pain, he can hear the footsteps, Griff is gonna get ye.