Brendan sure to stay at Celtic to school Gerrard

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The speculation of Rodgers going to Arsenal is as good as dead for me, the challenge of beating your old Captain coupled with Arsenal dropping out of Europe and therefore having no backdoor to the Champions League via winning the Europe League should seal it.

The deluded have Tina Turner on again as the banter years are set to continue, their 10 quid tifo demanding better has had the desired effect and a war chest has been promised for the new gaffer totaling 70% of last years turnover.

That a club which turned 29 million and is 17 million in debt to directors along with a 3 million Wonga loan due in coming weeks for 4 million is offering 20 million a year for the next 3 years to build their squad is lunacy.

This doesn’t even take into account Gerrards own wages which you would think would be over a million per year easily.

If reports over his image rights are true the deluded will go and buy retrospective Stevie G replica tops and put even more money into his pocket than they will the club.

Hummel will no doubt be thrilled.

This is actually good news for Celtic, a lot has been said about the lack of competition and for Brendan to test himself elsewhere, now we have a battle of personalities which will keep everyone interested including the Celtic gaffer who still has 3 years on his contract.

Moreover, it will mean that Celtic will have to back the gaffer with funds at least equal to whatever the Newco spend, this would mean buying a Centre Half of true quality to play beside Ajer, a permanent deal for Edouard and bringing in quality to replace Rogic and Roberts should they leave.

It will also mean Tierney will likely rebuff the advances of Manchester United and Liverpool among others who are interested in the Celtic fans signature.

We are told Scotland needs a strong ‘Rangers’ for the good of the game, if we get one or not, the perception of a strong Sevco is good for Celtic, it will force us to invest.

Instead of spending money we don’t have as they will, now is the time to invest our millions into our club, take it to the next level and blow them out of the water.