Bring Christie back to replace Paddy

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Patrick Roberts injury has come at a terrible time for Celtic, he is likely to be out for 6 weeks and will miss our remaining Champions League matches and the Betfred Cup Final vs Motherwell.

Whilst James Forrest is the obvious replacement, as we all know Forrest is not a 90-minute player.

Last season Rodgers used Forrest for an hour and then brought on Roberts to run at tired legs, towards the end of the season those roles were reversed with Paddy getting more game time.

If Forrest is to be the replacement, who will pick up the shift after the 60-minute mark?

The best player for the job is undoubtedly Ryan Christie, he has the versatility of playing across the forward line and wing.

He is a proven goal scorer and an extremely talented player who would add immediately to Rodgers attacking options.

Many of us were surprised that he went out on loan in the first place, he seems to have spent most of his Celtic career on loan since signing from Caley.

If Derek McInnes goes to Ibrox as many are suggesting he will, the loan deal must be looked at, we sent him up there to develop under the 2nd best manager in the land, not to regress under a replacement.

If they want to complain about the deal then we should loan them Johny Hayes as compensation, the reason Christie was sent up there was so we could secure Hayes signature after all.

With a little over 2 months left before the transfer window opens, should McInnes move on, we may get a new face in or more correctly, a familiar face back.