Broomloan pain remembered as Sevco’s fear is called out

Image for Broomloan pain remembered as Sevco’s fear is called out

The Newco have destroyed the Glasgow derby as a spectacle between not just 2 teams but two sets of fans, not just this years banning of Celtic but its cutting of briefs for the away end from the entire Broomloan to the corner.

The funny thing is, when Celtic said that we couldn’t give a promise that fans would be allowed in we were actually spot on, imagine if we had given an assurance 750 fans would be allowed into Celtic Park.

The 500 allowed in would have been them and they still would have complained they were 250 short.

That they endlessly bring up the term Oldfirm to explain the fixture whilst not allowing any of the fire and brimstone of old to burn from the stands shows plenty of their lack of conviction.

They want their lies reinforced but will not face their fear of a full Broomloan laughing at them again.

For mine, this is the goal that hurt too much for them to allow us back in.

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