Broony farce moves forward, Association Football is in the dock, not the skipper

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Firstly happy Easter to all, God bless the lot of ye, hopefully this holiday period has you in a good state of health and mind, something the SFA can’t claim as it moves forward with its kangaroo court against Scott Brown.

The charge that he hasn’t failed to “act in the best interests of association football” are more serious than they sound, the facts are that within our global sport, Celtic is an instantly recognised name, with automatically understood strip and crest which is unmistakable to literally billions of people.

The rest of Scottish Football are merely there to play us, no one the world over bar expats in English speaking countries support any of the other teams, Celtic by contrast is loved the planet over with our history and political ethos well known.

If our captain is found to have dragged the name of the sport itself through the mud for celebrating a derby win, a derby that itself remains iconic even though it is a mere shadow of the Oldfirm days, then this will set a precedent within the game of football.

A precedent whereby when the captain of a team wins against a bitter rival he cannot celebrate when in front of his home fans.

Now it isn’t as if this precedent will be taken up by other leagues, instead Scotland will become a laughing stock of the sport itself, the aforementioned derby will be relegated further to a game where celebrating is strictly outlawed and retrospective sanctions will likely become the new honest mistake of choice by officials.

For the record, i believe Broony will cop a ban, not because he is guilty of anything but because the other mob will descend into rage if the man who head butted Alfredo’s elbow is allowed to walk.

When the decision is handed down the verdict won’t be read against Scott Brown but against Scottish Football, if smiling and doing an iconic celebration is against the best interests of our sport, then how exactly should someone act in the best interests of association football?